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AWGG (Advanced Wget GUI) is a download manager that uses several download engines such as Wget, Aria2, Curl, and Axel at the same time, bringing all their advantages together into just one tool. The program allows the download of any type of file, and integrates advanced functions than can be custom-configured in order to speed up your downloads or avoid slowing down your Internet connection while you browse.

In terms of managing your queue, AWGG lets you control all the active links, so you can create several download lists depending on file download type or its category. It's also possible to set a specific date for the download so it starts exactly when you want.

Like other managers, AWGG has the option to add downloads automatically when you copy a link from your web browser, making it easier to transfer large numbers of files with a simple keyboard shortcut. If more than two are added and you want to download the last ones selected before the others, you just have to change the order with a single click.

Another advantage of using this tool is that AWGG can resume downloads right where they left off, letting you open or close the program as needed without losing your progress. And to top it all off, AWGG occupies very little space on your hard drive.
By Álvaro Toledo

-Add support for youtube-dl engine.
-Add option for use an external downloader for youtube-dl engine.
-Add ability to download videos from youtube with out browser addons (thanks to the youtube-dl engine).
-Add option to optain and select the available video formats from youtube and others.
-Add a drop box to drag and drop text and links to download.
-Add button to set the position in queue on the new download form.
-Add ability to select the major engine for specific sites.
-Add new button in the download notification to start the download when this fail.
-Add total progress in copy/move file operation dialog and increace performance.
-Allow drag drop items in downloas list to change the priority in the queue.
-Allow drop download item in the tree view panel to send to other queue.
-Now the download list show tooltips when the mouse is over a download with additional information.
-The program capture the file name from the engine (not in all cases with curl).
-The main icon have a new look (made with LazPaint).
-The source was complete rewrite for easy maintenance.
-The tray icons are disabled by default on linux platform to prevent an error in Ubuntu.
-Include some debugger information and code for capture errors to awgg.err file.
-The Complete and Paused download icon was change for a better look.
-Fix some bugs.

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